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Natural Aromatherapy Cleaning Products in Scottsdale, Phoenix, & Paradise Valley


Here is a price list of all of our house cleaning products, since we've had multiple customers interested in purchasing and using in between cleanings. Please note that we will supply and pay for all of the products that we use when cleaning your home. There is no charge to you and we provide everything.

Please call the office at 480-886-7107 to place an order to have your cleaning team bring products for your personal use the next time they visit your home or you may drop by the office to pick up if you prefer.

$8.99 ea. - 32oz. Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

$8.99 ea. - 32oz. PH Balanced Floor Cleaner

$10.99 ea. - 32oz. Germ Buster Kitchen & Bath

$8.99 ea. - 32oz. Natural Heavy Duty Cleaner

$10.99 ea. - 32oz. Lavender Orange Essential Oil Air Freshener

Natural Aromatherapy Cleaning Products

One of our natural home cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ
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